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Emiliano Silva Lee

(what is nahmo?)

Here you will find home to my various and sundry designs upon this world...


...Words, Images, etc...



This many misfits have sought refuge:


*nahmo: not to be confused with the National Association of Health Maintenance Organizations... Nahmo is Emiliano Silva Lee, a multiethnic, socialistic, "pagan," panpolyperverse personality and native San Francisco Bay Arean poet and artist. "Nahmo" is a shortened version of his own name, though he does not go by it. If anything, call him Emi. Nahmo? Yes, Nahmo. When he and his brother, Apollonio, were children, they had as much trouble pronouncing their own names as anyone else, and what came out was "Nahmo" (Ed.: mind you, we can certainly say our names quite well now, and with pride... I was named after Emiliano Zapata, my brother after our Aztec great great grandfather on our mother's side.)